Tribes Project

From the dangerous climate in South Sudan to the explosive-tempered tribes of Papua New Guinea, Martin traversed deserts, swamps and tundra, to connect with indigenous clans, in some of the most remote places on the planet. Places which are not easily accessible, and so few left which remain untouched by our modern world.

The artist’s latest project, “The Last Survivors,” features natives who still embrace tradition through song, dance and costume. Cultures which still worship medicine men, facial tattoos and lip plates over cell phones. Customs rapidly disappearing, day by day. “The Last Survivors” is the photographers Herculean effort to preserve this dying art through image.

Martin is grateful for the gift of every being who shared unforgettable moments with him, and gave of themselves to the rest of the world, through his work.

. Despite monumental differences in body, mind and value, putting aside belief, culture and custom, Martin discovered, through his incredible journeys…we are all the same.
We all see the same sun, moon and stars. We all want to enjoy a good meal, a good night’s sleep and to feel loved and appreciated. If we’re lucky, we all have eyes to see the world, arms to embrace one another and exactly the same skeletons underneath it all.
We are all connected. As our worldwide resources dwindle and continue to disappear, in the end, we are all, “The Last Survivors”